Thursday, 15 December 2011

the wee small hours

2.26 to be exact right now.

I went to bed at 11, and was finally getting to that falling asleep part when someone else woke up......

so guess who's been up ever since

Babykins has

we finally gave up on the getting back to sleep when she managed to wake daddy as well, so now we're downstairs and she's happily watching the goodnight show while i try to stay awake.

This has unfortunately become a rather regular occurance, second time in three nights, i think she missed the memo that you're supposed to sleep when it's dark outside. it doesn't help that she has another top tooth coming in and that today was the second dose of her flu jab, but she's all dosed up on baby tylenol and bonjela and still doesn't want to sleep. I really don't get the pattern either, it's not like she went down at 6 which we noticed a while ago if she went to bed really early you can guarentee a middle of the night session. She went to bed around 8 her normal time and for some reason decided after 4 hours that it was time to get up.

You'd think that the fact that she's walking and has pretty good balance, is trying to climb everything she possibly can and is into everything would wear her out more but that doesn't seem to be the case.we're lucky if a nap lasts more than 45 mins and theres only ever one these days (not three like her cousin) She's constantly on the move and doing everything so why is she not sleeping the sleep of the tired from a day of fun baby.

and now the cat is trying to claim my lap

til the next middle of the night adventure