Friday, 14 January 2011

2 months

yes Babykins is two months old already, time flies.

Her 2 month check up was today and she's still a tiny thing for her age, finally into the 0-3 month clothing she's weighing in at 8lb 12oz - which is how much her youngest english cousin weighed at birth, and she's 22in long. This and her head measurement show that she's in proportion  and in the 5th-10th percentile.

She's doing well in other things, doing things like the rolling over that they don't expect to see much of until they're 4 months old, and babling away to her dr during her exam. She also smiled at the nurse before her shots. She calmed down really quickly after her shots, I was pretty impressed , it took me a lot longer to deal with needles so I'm hoping she'll be good about it and always take her shots so calmly.

I'm half expecting a cranky evening, Xero will be out gaming and she's been a bit fussy this afternoon, but we'll see.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

of rolling and grinning and generally being cute

So we haven't really said much about babykins so far.

She was born late on a sunny afternoon by C section and the first things I heard ( being strapped down to the table and unable to move or see anything) was her crying and the nurses exclaiming how beautiful she was and how much hair she had.

She had a lot of hair.

Both of us were born with lots of hair so I was expecting the hair but it seems to be a point of exclaimation for everyone who meets her. It's lightening up quickly, it was so dark when she was first born and now it's mid brown and getting lighter, you can see blond strands in there and in the sunshine it has a beautiful coppery glow to it. She gets that from my side, and I expect at some point in the next few years she'll be a redhead for a while before turning blond and then slowly fading back to brown with red highlights.

Her eyes were very dark when she was born, deep dark almost navy blue. they as well are lightening over time and at almost 9 weeks old there a stormy grey/blue and so expressive.

Babykins other milestones are going well....she's laughing and grinning at us a fair bit of the time, she gurgles away at intervals holding a conversation with you. Last week she rolled over for the first time from her tummy to her back, and i caught it on our flip, not hoping she'd do it I was expecting to catch her wriggling herself forward a little like she'd done before. She repeated this rolling three more times before she got bored. She rolled again today, I'm such a proud mummy that she's so good at it. She's been trying to hold her head up from the very beginning. She's getting stronger with it all the time. She still loves curling up in a little ball on anyones chest to sleep.

Friday we go to see her pediatrician and she gets her first round of shots.....I'm quite glad that daddy will be home to help out with the probably cranky babykins.