Thursday, 7 June 2012

The never ending trying to get her to sleep routine

It's ever on going, just when you think you have an nicely established nap time and bedtime, it changes, or the nap disappears, or  she's yawning and rubbing her eyes but two hours later she's still awake and bouncing in the crib.....

It's challenging.

It doesn't help that we're teething long haul style. The canines are taking their own sweet time to come through so we have lots of spiking mild fevers and general crankiness. But apart from the first week of this bout of teething once she's asleep she's asleep.

In the meantime, we went to the Zoo, where babykins got to go play with the very docile goats in the petting area. She loved it so much it was hard to get her to leave. The zoo also proved she has FMS.

FMS - Fear of Missing Something

This does mean -
If anyone is visiting you can forget the nap, unless she's down before they get here.
ditto for bedtime
If going out around nap time, you can hope she'll fall asleep in the car.......but don't expect it every time.

I know she's curious and she loves visitors, she loves exploring things and discovering new things. She talks a mile a minute, but it's difficult so hear the words sometimes, and other times she'll astound you.....Hi Uncle Richard....clear as a bell. We've been practising Animal sounds, If you ask her she'll tell you the noise they make including by name for Mitzi and Angus, and fish go beep beep beep apparently.

All fun on the never ending Adventures of Babykins.......