Wednesday, 17 October 2012


So in less than a month Babykins turns 2

yup i had to pause while I let that sink in, it hardly seems like two seconds since she was born but it obviously has been.

So I got to thinking how I'd seen a list of the 25 words they're supposed to know at 2. we keep saying she's talking up a storm and words are not just frequent but they're in sentances so the 25 with my notes in blue

all gone - yes we get this all the time
baby - it sounds more like bebe and she called every other kid BE!
ball - definately yes and she recognises that an american football is still a ball
banana - sounds more like nanar
bath - I think she's said this
bye bye - again all the time....usually followed by Nigh night
book - yes
car - she calls them a brummm brumm
cat - yup though she usually calls mitzi the Meow she also says Kitty
cookie - yes yes yes, for cookies, for cookie monster.....she definately knows this
daddy - yes and her doc heard this one at the last check up as she was shouting it
dog - doggy..and uff uff, so not quite dog yet
eye - yes, though sometimes she points at her ears
hat - yes we now love hats when once we hated them
hello/hi - everyone gets a hi and she gets upset if another child doesn't say hi back
hot - she recognises hot....she's also saying cold and knows what cold is
juice - yup juice all gone is often heard round here
milk - i think we've said this
mommy - oh yes...though family say she sound more english so mummy
more - one of her favourite words comes with - want some more, can have more
no - lots of no
nose - she knows where it is, but I'm not sure I've heard her say it
shoe - she runs around saying new shoes so she knows this
thank you - she says it...but not as often as we'd like
yes -

but aside from that she says lots of other words and phrases
it's Daddy Here (when daddy gets home from work)
poppy - for her pop
hot cheese (for mac n cheese)
it's pretty
it's loud (with a hand or two to her ears)
it's fine ( when you ask her if she's ok)
mummy we have rain rain - after watching the rain
she points in the mirror and says ME!!
pinkie - for pink
Boo - blue
pupple - purple
eee aaah - when pointing at a monkey
up and down (and demonstrate)
ouchie - while pointing at my gall bladder scar
boob/ boobies
she kinda counts to three but can make it to nine with help....and can point to the number and say 9 without prompting, and she can do some letters
mickey and minnie
bounce - and bounce as she says it
talk to nanny - when she wants me to phone nanny
choo choo - for a train
Chica!!!!usually said with lots of feeling

and the one we hate said in a whiney little voice

It's mine!!!!

yeah I think she's going to be ok at her check up next month, at least on the talking side of things.....

Monday, 8 October 2012

time zooms...

Time does fly, it really does, suddenly Babykins is 23 months old this week and the second birthday is looming ever closer and closer.

Words are just tumbling out of her and more and more she's stringing them together, we often hear 'can i have more?' but Please and Thank you don't trip off the tongue easily yet. It's not that she doesn't know them but well if you ask her to say please before you give her something she shakes her head and says no at you and then grins with her cheek I know but I'm not going to do it grin. She's started blaming others for thing she's not supposed to do.

The other week she drew on the wall, as I told her I knew she had done it she turned round perfectly serious and said, 'No it was the meow!' and she'll often say either mummy did or daddy did when asked who did something. We've also discovered that it's "me" in the mirror.

Her favourite words seems to be okay and awesome. She'll constantly ask for whoever is not here, runs to the door and says go go go as soon as she shoes are on her feet, and she can tell you when daddy is home (and when at grandma's she knows before he gets to the door the poppy is home).

But she's also being a very good helper. She'll help me by putting the washed clothes into the dryer if I hand them to her out of the washer, she'll clean up any spills if you hand her a piece of toweling and tell her to clean up the mess, she'll kinda put her toys away....and then tip them all back out again. She has started building with her blocks, she concentrates very hard and then we get an 'Oh no!!" when they fall down and then she starts again.

we won't get into her habit of stealing knitting needles and yarn and drop spindles........will we....

Thursday, 7 June 2012

The never ending trying to get her to sleep routine

It's ever on going, just when you think you have an nicely established nap time and bedtime, it changes, or the nap disappears, or  she's yawning and rubbing her eyes but two hours later she's still awake and bouncing in the crib.....

It's challenging.

It doesn't help that we're teething long haul style. The canines are taking their own sweet time to come through so we have lots of spiking mild fevers and general crankiness. But apart from the first week of this bout of teething once she's asleep she's asleep.

In the meantime, we went to the Zoo, where babykins got to go play with the very docile goats in the petting area. She loved it so much it was hard to get her to leave. The zoo also proved she has FMS.

FMS - Fear of Missing Something

This does mean -
If anyone is visiting you can forget the nap, unless she's down before they get here.
ditto for bedtime
If going out around nap time, you can hope she'll fall asleep in the car.......but don't expect it every time.

I know she's curious and she loves visitors, she loves exploring things and discovering new things. She talks a mile a minute, but it's difficult so hear the words sometimes, and other times she'll astound you.....Hi Uncle Richard....clear as a bell. We've been practising Animal sounds, If you ask her she'll tell you the noise they make including by name for Mitzi and Angus, and fish go beep beep beep apparently.

All fun on the never ending Adventures of Babykins.......

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


I'm so bad at this blogging thing, i never remember to come here and post the important stuff, i really should set aside a day each week to blog and update the world on the adventures of babykins.

Well we reached the 18 month mark with very little trouble, for babykins, she's had a few growth spurts and is now in the 90th percentile for her height and the 50th for weight, so long and skinny, she's turning into a mini me, i was tall and skinny until i hit about 15 and everyone else grew up and overtook

apart from that, we've just started the potty training, we're climbing everything, feeding ourself except when we're tired, talking up a storm, though she's fast like her daddy so sometimes it's beyond recognition, we're doing the actions to the songs we goes on.

Christmas saw her first trip on an airplane, 7 hours and over the ocean, her first use of her passport (the guy at the other end was all ooo first time, must make sure the stamp is nice and clear then) meeting her cousins and auntie for the first time, and her great grandad. She had a busy busy time.

April was a little crazy because Xero ended up in hospital with cellulitis for a week and had surgery, many weeks of packing and dressing the wound followed and then in the last week he managed to fall and give himself a nasty sprained ankle. Babykins thought the crutches were awesome......

May has so far seen a visit from nanny, which babykins has been loving, she adores her nanny and she's also had a visit from grandma and Pop, whose new house will be ready next month and they'll be nice and close, so Babykins will get nice grandparents time.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

the wee small hours

2.26 to be exact right now.

I went to bed at 11, and was finally getting to that falling asleep part when someone else woke up......

so guess who's been up ever since

Babykins has

we finally gave up on the getting back to sleep when she managed to wake daddy as well, so now we're downstairs and she's happily watching the goodnight show while i try to stay awake.

This has unfortunately become a rather regular occurance, second time in three nights, i think she missed the memo that you're supposed to sleep when it's dark outside. it doesn't help that she has another top tooth coming in and that today was the second dose of her flu jab, but she's all dosed up on baby tylenol and bonjela and still doesn't want to sleep. I really don't get the pattern either, it's not like she went down at 6 which we noticed a while ago if she went to bed really early you can guarentee a middle of the night session. She went to bed around 8 her normal time and for some reason decided after 4 hours that it was time to get up.

You'd think that the fact that she's walking and has pretty good balance, is trying to climb everything she possibly can and is into everything would wear her out more but that doesn't seem to be the case.we're lucky if a nap lasts more than 45 mins and theres only ever one these days (not three like her cousin) She's constantly on the move and doing everything so why is she not sleeping the sleep of the tired from a day of fun baby.

and now the cat is trying to claim my lap

til the next middle of the night adventure

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

It's all go

It is.

Here in the Babykins Household, everything is constantly changing. Our nap pattern has changed, we want to be on our feet all the time, we've left bottles behind and are now firmly using our sippy cups, we're talking lots and lots and theres this stubborn little look appearing when you

For Babykins, it's a never ending adventure of discovery. For mummy and daddy it feels like never ending exhaustion.

She loves music. The one thing guarenteed to grab her attention is any kind of music on the TV. She adores the Wiggles, and her very favourite song (yes she has a favourite already) is Rock-a-bye your Bear. In her quest to be ever on her feet, we're falling over a lot. Most of the time she'll just get right back up like nothing happened but ocassionally we need cuddles and sometimes for a big bump we need you tube and the ready video's of the Wiggles to calm the frustration.

She's also loving going to the tot lot and playing in the swing, I've always loved the swing so it's nice to see that she loves it too. She likes the slides as well as long as someones holding her, she's facinated by things that are going on and has to see everything when we're out. She's now a big girl who can sit in a highchair when we go out for meals and have some bits of finger food while we're eating. She loves sitting in the shopping trolley when we go to get things, and right now she has a thing about straws...she likes to play with straws while we're walking around. It's quite funny.

She also knows what she likes. She picked out her new pair of Pj's and held them while we shopped.

The best thing lately.......she's giving kisses on a more regular basis and she likes to cuddle when she's watching TV sometimes...

I love those cuddles.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

One of those weekends......

so we knew I was having problems with the gall bladder after a trip to ER during one of my late night attacks at the begining of the month. I had these pains for at least half of the pregnancy, sometimes a week would pass without any othertimes 3 out of 4 nights I'd be up wincing with pain - put down by my OB as everything is getting squished up and protesting don't worry about it. the last attack had been just after babykins had been born while everything was still shifting back and then nothing......

til the week before July 4th when I had a late night attack that lasted hours and nothing worked, not the painkillers or anything time it happens said I we'll book an appointment and see the doc.....

3am on the morning of the 5th found Xero rousing babykins from her sleep to put her in the car and drive me to someone, none of the local emergency walk in places were open so off to the ER we went. A few hours and some morphine later the bloods came back indicating gall bladder and a small scan confirmed it. Saw our Docs office that afternoon and booked in to see a surgeon the following monday. That weekend was sore but the pain meds they'd perscribed were keeping things at bay enough for me to keep going. Saw the Surgeon who wanted a proper scan done just to document things since they couldn't get any details from the ER but since he was 99.9% sure he also went ahead and got us to schedule the removal of said gall bladder. Had the scan Wednesday and was very very achy afterwards, pain continued at achy but manageable until friday lunchtime when it got excruciating.....a bout of vomiting later and we were back in the car on our way to ER, So much pain I know I nearly passed out a few times. Bloods, meds, another Scan, said I'd developed Pancreatitis as well and they wanted me admitted, got transfered tothe hospital our surgeon works out of since he was already on the case and after quite some chasing up the on call doc actually perscribed more than one dose of painkillers to last through the night. IV hooked back up and Xero took babykins home, she'd been an absolute trooper and his Aunts arrived to stay the night with me because he didn't want to leave me on my own.

Saturday started with a visit from my surgeon......who explained what was going on, but couldn't figure out why the ER had told him one thing and me another (that there was a visible gallstone in my pancreas - the scans they sent over didn't show this) so we had xrays and an MRI to take a closer look, the Gastro-enterologists nurse practicioner came that evening and talked to me about what they didn't find and the possibility of them scoping me and was very nice. Next morning my Doc was back to explain that although nothing obvious showed in the MRI my blood levels were still all over the shop and he suspected that there might be something in there they couldn't see so they had decided to scope to make sure. Sunday was fairly quiet, I'd spiked a fever the night before and the pain had been lessening since then - did i pass a stone perhaps...we'll never know, but they did let me have a liquid diet for the day and Jello has never tasted so good.

Monday I got scoped, luckily they knock you out completely because I'm not sure I could cope with a tube down while still awake. I wasn't out long, they found nothing there, so the all clear was given for the already Scheduled surgery on tuesday. Tuesday I had surgery, Laproscopically done so I have 4 fairly tiny scars on my belly, surgery went well they tell me, i was out quicker than estimated and back to my room to continue recovery in just a few hours. I did feel sick after so had some meds for that which meant I had to eat and not be nauseous for a few hours before they'd let me go home. We finally got home at nearly half 8 last night to a very tired babykins who was still very stressed by all the crazy goings on. Grandma had driven down from Ohio on saturday so she could take care of babykins and she's been a real help in keeping her in a routine and in her familiar place with her toys and everything and bringing her to the hospital to see me as well. I know it's been hard on poor babykins to suddenly not have the one person who is always here, there.

So today has been challenging, I can't lift or carry or even pick babykins up because she's too heavy with just having had the surgery. the scars are in places that if she gets fussy with her feed she can really hurt me with a well place elbow or knee, she's been quite happy to have me home I know that but i feel like theres not much i can do with her, even though i know i need to recover and heal up myself.

On a positive note My Dad has finally been given the all clear to fly and is coming out with mum on Friday to take over babykins wrangling and sick cattiekins nursing from grandma. We're excited about this because although he's talked to Babykins on the phone and over the Skype video, they have yet to meet in person. I know he's been itching to get here for cuddles and to meet his youngest granddaughter properly.

Now i really should go take some meds and then go to bed once they kick in......

goodnight blog