Monday, 8 October 2012

time zooms...

Time does fly, it really does, suddenly Babykins is 23 months old this week and the second birthday is looming ever closer and closer.

Words are just tumbling out of her and more and more she's stringing them together, we often hear 'can i have more?' but Please and Thank you don't trip off the tongue easily yet. It's not that she doesn't know them but well if you ask her to say please before you give her something she shakes her head and says no at you and then grins with her cheek I know but I'm not going to do it grin. She's started blaming others for thing she's not supposed to do.

The other week she drew on the wall, as I told her I knew she had done it she turned round perfectly serious and said, 'No it was the meow!' and she'll often say either mummy did or daddy did when asked who did something. We've also discovered that it's "me" in the mirror.

Her favourite words seems to be okay and awesome. She'll constantly ask for whoever is not here, runs to the door and says go go go as soon as she shoes are on her feet, and she can tell you when daddy is home (and when at grandma's she knows before he gets to the door the poppy is home).

But she's also being a very good helper. She'll help me by putting the washed clothes into the dryer if I hand them to her out of the washer, she'll clean up any spills if you hand her a piece of toweling and tell her to clean up the mess, she'll kinda put her toys away....and then tip them all back out again. She has started building with her blocks, she concentrates very hard and then we get an 'Oh no!!" when they fall down and then she starts again.

we won't get into her habit of stealing knitting needles and yarn and drop spindles........will we....

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