Wednesday, 17 October 2012


So in less than a month Babykins turns 2

yup i had to pause while I let that sink in, it hardly seems like two seconds since she was born but it obviously has been.

So I got to thinking how I'd seen a list of the 25 words they're supposed to know at 2. we keep saying she's talking up a storm and words are not just frequent but they're in sentances so the 25 with my notes in blue

all gone - yes we get this all the time
baby - it sounds more like bebe and she called every other kid BE!
ball - definately yes and she recognises that an american football is still a ball
banana - sounds more like nanar
bath - I think she's said this
bye bye - again all the time....usually followed by Nigh night
book - yes
car - she calls them a brummm brumm
cat - yup though she usually calls mitzi the Meow she also says Kitty
cookie - yes yes yes, for cookies, for cookie monster.....she definately knows this
daddy - yes and her doc heard this one at the last check up as she was shouting it
dog - doggy..and uff uff, so not quite dog yet
eye - yes, though sometimes she points at her ears
hat - yes we now love hats when once we hated them
hello/hi - everyone gets a hi and she gets upset if another child doesn't say hi back
hot - she recognises hot....she's also saying cold and knows what cold is
juice - yup juice all gone is often heard round here
milk - i think we've said this
mommy - oh yes...though family say she sound more english so mummy
more - one of her favourite words comes with - want some more, can have more
no - lots of no
nose - she knows where it is, but I'm not sure I've heard her say it
shoe - she runs around saying new shoes so she knows this
thank you - she says it...but not as often as we'd like
yes -

but aside from that she says lots of other words and phrases
it's Daddy Here (when daddy gets home from work)
poppy - for her pop
hot cheese (for mac n cheese)
it's pretty
it's loud (with a hand or two to her ears)
it's fine ( when you ask her if she's ok)
mummy we have rain rain - after watching the rain
she points in the mirror and says ME!!
pinkie - for pink
Boo - blue
pupple - purple
eee aaah - when pointing at a monkey
up and down (and demonstrate)
ouchie - while pointing at my gall bladder scar
boob/ boobies
she kinda counts to three but can make it to nine with help....and can point to the number and say 9 without prompting, and she can do some letters
mickey and minnie
bounce - and bounce as she says it
talk to nanny - when she wants me to phone nanny
choo choo - for a train
Chica!!!!usually said with lots of feeling

and the one we hate said in a whiney little voice

It's mine!!!!

yeah I think she's going to be ok at her check up next month, at least on the talking side of things.....

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