Wednesday, 14 September 2011

It's all go

It is.

Here in the Babykins Household, everything is constantly changing. Our nap pattern has changed, we want to be on our feet all the time, we've left bottles behind and are now firmly using our sippy cups, we're talking lots and lots and theres this stubborn little look appearing when you

For Babykins, it's a never ending adventure of discovery. For mummy and daddy it feels like never ending exhaustion.

She loves music. The one thing guarenteed to grab her attention is any kind of music on the TV. She adores the Wiggles, and her very favourite song (yes she has a favourite already) is Rock-a-bye your Bear. In her quest to be ever on her feet, we're falling over a lot. Most of the time she'll just get right back up like nothing happened but ocassionally we need cuddles and sometimes for a big bump we need you tube and the ready video's of the Wiggles to calm the frustration.

She's also loving going to the tot lot and playing in the swing, I've always loved the swing so it's nice to see that she loves it too. She likes the slides as well as long as someones holding her, she's facinated by things that are going on and has to see everything when we're out. She's now a big girl who can sit in a highchair when we go out for meals and have some bits of finger food while we're eating. She loves sitting in the shopping trolley when we go to get things, and right now she has a thing about straws...she likes to play with straws while we're walking around. It's quite funny.

She also knows what she likes. She picked out her new pair of Pj's and held them while we shopped.

The best thing lately.......she's giving kisses on a more regular basis and she likes to cuddle when she's watching TV sometimes...

I love those cuddles.