Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The difference a year makes

This time last year we had as of about 7:30am found out that we were just over 6 weeks pregnant with babykins

and today, a whole year on to the day, we have the most wonderful little girl in the world. Just look at how much she's grown.

It's hard to believe she's almost 5 months old......and still in her 0-3month clothing.....lol

oh such a Glamourous life I lead

This was the thought that was running through my head this morning about 45 mins after I'd gotten up. Babykins had been fed, we were snuggling and getting her wind up when the unmistakable feeling of hot, wet spit up running down my cleavage happened. No one ever warns you of these 'special' moments, or that your little one will then happily lay on the bed while you find a change of everything and giggle at you.

I don't know how some of these celebrity mom's manage to look so glamorous all the time mere days after having their latest baby - well yes I do - they have an army of helpers willing to take and feed the little one and pamper the mother til she looks like a goddess. There's the constant - she got her figure back in 8 weeks - you can too........

yes right that'll be in my dreams.

Babykins is a happy little thing, but she likes to have the time and complete attention of one adult at all times while she's awake. She's coming up to 5 months and is full of curiosity about everything. She loves watching Top Gear (why is my daughter already into high speed cars?) and for some reason, the weather channel.....especially the radar maps.....I think its the colours that grab her attention. Right now that's what she's doing watching the weather while concentrating very hard on a lovely smelly diaper for mummy.

I shouldn't complain, so I have no time to exercise regularly, but I get to play with the prettiest little girl in the world. The house is a mess, but when you only get an hours worth of nap a day you learn to prioritise  and getting a meal for me has become more important than dusting the house, and the dust bunnies are happily playing with the cat, so it's all good. Then April is coming up and the lull in the  HPKCHC should give me a little more time to throw at getting this house tidy and well it'll never be spotless but at least it can be said that we definitely live life in this house.

In other news, babykins has started eating real food - well baby rice. This is huge for me because it gives me a small break from her being on the boob almost all the time. she goes an extra hour between feeds when she's had the rice before her dose of mummy milk and I can't wait until the end of this week when we can start the next step of the food adventure and try.......carrots and then theres all the fun of sweet potato, peas, squash....and the fruits after that. So far it's not been as messy as I thought, she's been pretty good and hasn't spit everything out all over mummy......that I know will come soon and she'll find it hysterical that mummy is covered in whatever it is she has spit out in disgust.

And we're back full circle to how glamourous it is to be mummy when you end up covered in all sorts of things you once never thought you'd ever be covered in.

wouldn't change it for the world.