Tuesday, 15 May 2012


I'm so bad at this blogging thing, i never remember to come here and post the important stuff, i really should set aside a day each week to blog and update the world on the adventures of babykins.

Well we reached the 18 month mark with very little trouble, for babykins, she's had a few growth spurts and is now in the 90th percentile for her height and the 50th for weight, so long and skinny, she's turning into a mini me, i was tall and skinny until i hit about 15 and everyone else grew up and overtook me....lol

apart from that, we've just started the potty training, we're climbing everything, feeding ourself except when we're tired, talking up a storm, though she's fast like her daddy so sometimes it's beyond recognition, we're doing the actions to the songs we like....it goes on.

Christmas saw her first trip on an airplane, 7 hours and over the ocean, her first use of her passport (the guy at the other end was all ooo first time, must make sure the stamp is nice and clear then) meeting her cousins and auntie for the first time, and her great grandad. She had a busy busy time.

April was a little crazy because Xero ended up in hospital with cellulitis for a week and had surgery, many weeks of packing and dressing the wound followed and then in the last week he managed to fall and give himself a nasty sprained ankle. Babykins thought the crutches were awesome......

May has so far seen a visit from nanny, which babykins has been loving, she adores her nanny and she's also had a visit from grandma and Pop, whose new house will be ready next month and they'll be nice and close, so Babykins will get nice grandparents time.