Tuesday, 12 April 2011

of teething and lack of naps....

Babykins is not a baby who likes napping. Naps are a thing to be shunned and ignored and fought against for as long as possible. Even when we try to have a quiet time to aid the ability to nap just doesn't work she will fight her way through.

The one thing she does like is the carrier, but even that can take a long time to aid the napping process and there is no guarantee that on carefully taking it off that she will remain asleep long enough to put her down. So when she does nap I try hard to get as much in and as much done as i can and this leads to tired mummy.

We're also on a teething jag right now which probably isn't helping the napping, she's constantly chomping on something and pulling fingers to her mouth to chew on.  I know it's going to get worse before it gets better.

And babykins is getting very very talkative, she spent ages yesterday talking to her nanny and cousins over in England. She loved it. I did too, after she talked to my eldest niece we talked to my eldest nephew who at 8 was very interested in what babykins calls me and his uncle and telling her that her mummy is his god mummy. He was also very concerned and told me all about that there had been an earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the tsunami had reached America and had it got to us......I told him we were fine that we're the far side from Japan and it didn't get anywhere near us.....he does worry so much  - bless him

Monday, 4 April 2011

Carrots are yummy....

that is the verdict from babykins. They are far yummier than the baby rice was and she complained at me a little while ago when they were all gone for today.

Another couple of days and then we'll get to see how yummy she thinks something else is, probably sweet potatoes


babykins is insisting on helping with this.....i this that says get off the notebook mummy and play with me.....

Friday, 1 April 2011

hello again dark O'thirty

Any who knows me well, knows I am not a morning person.

I never have been.

Don't get me wrong, if I have to be up I can do it, just don't expect me to be coherent or sunshine and daisies for a few hours. When I used to work I had three alarm clocks to get me up for my awesome 2 hour commute - those two hours gave me the time to wake up and be semi-human by the time I reached the office or site depending on the day.

Once I moved over here we had a small double for two not so small people, and my natural body clock soon asserted itself so I was up til 2-3am and then I'd go to bed and Xero would be up at 4 for work and it was all good, tiny bed didn't lend itself to both of us sleeping at the same time for extended periods. We got a new bigger bed when we got the house and this is awesome, especially now with sleep patterns being all over the place.

See, we don't have babykins on a set schedule. I think she's taking after me as a baby. She will not go down in the bassinet if she is dozy or still awake in any way, shape. or form. When we've tried no one gets any sleep. She often falls asleep after her last feed if not during it, but this can be anytime between 6pm and midnight, depending on how tired she is and if she has napped during the day. She also seems to be getting into the habit of waking up at 5am regardless of what time she went to bed. I can hear you saying what about the nights she doesn't go to sleep at her feeding. Well those are the nights when mummy straps on the infantino carrier (which is awesome btw) and walks around the house, up and down the stairs until she drops off to sleep. It's probably a good job she likes the carrier, babykins has this big grin everytime she sees it because she knows it means we're going outside or she's going to get cuddles and singing while we wander around the house at all hours of the night.

Now if I could just catch up with myself and sleep I'd be as happy as a nitwit psychic wombat. However the sleep eludes me. I'm exhausted most nights and go to bed at the same time as we put babykins down (to do otherwize would be setting up for disaster) but of course 6pm is too early and I'm wide awake....9pm is a good time but then I spend half the night awake for various reasons, I wake everytime i turn over.....I wake because we have the lamp on and I can't sleep with the lamp on unless I'm utterly exhuasted and that only happens every few days. I know I'm not sleeping anywhere near as deeply as i used to which may also be adding to the general feeling of tiredness all the time.

And regardless of all this come 5am on a large percentage of mornings......the sweet and dulcet cooing of Babykins starts up with the is anyone awake  "oooooooo" and if she doesn't see a face soon.....ramps up to the wake up before I start screaming "aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh". She's such a happy and smily girl you can't be cross and when you look over the edge of the bassinet and her little twinkling eyes see you and this big grin spreads across her face........

well hello then my old friend 5am.....nice to see you again....lets enjoy together the quiet that comes with a contently feeding baby.

And lets ignore the crazy cat who thinks it's time to charge around the house playing with everything and demanding attention........it's babykins time.....not furbaby time