Sunday, 10 July 2011

time flys......

.....and remembering to blog is something thats not ingrained into my system yet, that and the last few months have been a whirlwind of events and stuff.

We had babykins baptism, she wore the replica of L's grandmothers robe and it was a hot May sunday. There were lots of family there to see it along with her godparents, her Aunt Kristen, Uncle Richard and our dear friend Anne. My great Aunt flew up from Florida to spend a few days with us for it, and my uncle and cousin flew down from Canada to do the same. It was a really nice ceremony, she behaved so well during the whole thing, smiling and tears until afterwards when she was starting to get a bit hungry.

Babykins and her godparents

Nanny then stayed with us an extra couple of weeks to spend some time with babykins, grandad is yet to make it over the big pond to see her because of ongoing tests, something we hope will be over and sorted very soon. During this time babykins started talking.....firstly it was baba the day before everyone flew in, followed soon by dada which remains her favourite. before nanny flew home we'd also had a mama and nana though these are still scarce - it's like the baby in Dinosaurs she knows you want her to say it so she won't say it. She also started soldier crawling, but of course has decided that rolling is faster and now rolls everywhere and anywhere rather than crawling. We've started sitting up on our own and can nearly get ourselves from our tummy to sitting without help, we also like standing and taking the weight on our legs and can stand holding onto something.

June was also a busy month as well as a hot one. We had her little cousin's baptism (we say little he's bigger than her but two months younger), which was on yet another extra hot day, and meant babykins got to spend time with grandma and pop. We started to react to the cat and want to play with her. Mitzi has been really good and the few times Babykins has grabbed rather than petted she's not reacted like she would if one of us did it....I'd expect claws if i tugged her tail like that...baykins got a head whipped round and then a's like she knows the baby doesn't mean it and doesn't mean to hurt her. On the other hand babykins has decided it's fun to yank mummys hair by grabbing it at the roots which means it doesn't matter how I wear it or if I had it cut- pull she will continue to do.....I've had some success with saying OW loudly when she pulls but it doesn't always work.

The end of June was also the time when we visited the beach for the very first time and saw the Ocean. We liked looking at the ocean and we liked the dry sand on our toes......but the minute the waves hit mummy while mummy was holding us.....did not like, or getting her feet wet, though I made sure she wasn't immediately whisked away and 'paddled' for a little bit. We did however love rolling around the floor at the OP house and showing Grandma and Pop what a big girl we were eating all our food and the puffs she likes so much as well as sitting nicely and standing up holding onto the table.

with mummy looking at the Ocean

So why such a late night post, well someone likes to vary her bedtime depending on her mood and she's only just gone down after a long day. Mummy's on pain meds for a hopefully soon to be gone gallbladder, which means she was playing Daddy up when he's been trying to get her to go to bed. Daddy has been a trooper with her this weekend and hopefully we'll have news and be able to book a nanny or grandma to come help while I have and recover from surgery......She'll love having someone extra here to be cute with.

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